Here are some of the projects I have done for fun, In my best interest to share my knowledge and indeas.

Bell 500 Project

****A little blah blah blah… Well, it has been quite a while since I stepped out of the routine and started a project on my own. We all always find ways to blame it on work or daily situations not to do many things, but well… thanks to Santa for my new Honda Phantom I have a new reason to work late at night in something that lately I find quite interesting, Motorcycle Helmets.

When I got my motorcycle I barely had experience in riding. To be sincere, I had ridden two or maybe three times in my life. But never a motorcycle with an engine that was bigger than 250cc. Choosing the bike  wasn’t an easy task. Im not into those “Crotch rockets” (nothing against those who do) but I do love power and being noticed is certainly a big plus. Choppers, in this case bobber’s seem to be the right fit for me. To ride a chopper you need the right accessories, Helmet, Leather jacket, gloves, boots… etc… So, browsing the web I came across the amazing an most “badass” helmet: the Bell 500 custom. Bell brought back the old “500”  by Roy Richter from 1954 and taking advantage of nowadays materials and techniques gave us this beautiful, safe, state of the art helmet.   For me as an artist I try to carry and display art in most places I can…  what a better place that in my head, ridding safe and enjoying every second of it. I think there are no other worlds to describe it other than pure visual candy! Ok.. Where’s the C4D part!? So my idea is to try to come up with some nice graphics for this helmet, using C4D, photoshop and Illustrator  but in my very own way. I’m a visual person, I like to see before doing! envisioning is something that drives me crazy!. For that reason I’m going to start from scratch: taking pictures, making blueprints, modeling, texturing and lighting this baby.   The point of doing this is to record a progression have fun; this is not intended to be a tutorial in anyway, but if you find this inspiring and you get questions feel free to leave a comment. Maybe you know a way to skip or to make something easier or better yet… faster. Just let me know, every day I’m learning… ain’t we all?