Optus. It’s Possible.

Great concept, awesome product

Design Concept & Treatment + look development and Compositing of Launch commercial for Optus Communications data cloud service.

Concept + Design Direction for Optus Data World

Directed by Mick Wong at GoodOil Film

Lamborghini “Supernova”

I have always love the Automobile industry, but lamborghini has always drawn my attention. It is rare to see lambo commercials, but lately I have found a couple and to be true to you this pieces are as awesome as the cars they build.  Brussels 3D Specialists Digital Golem and MPC Creative have pushed the limits in lighting and rendering in this awesome :60 piece. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Lamborghini “Supernova”


Just in case you are like to watch the other spot I’m talking about

Lamborghini aventador spot


Inked fragmented Portraits

These amazing Incredible Fragmented Ink Portraits in Water are really one of a kind and what makes it more interesting is that, it is done by a self-taught Italian artist Alberto Seveso.

The artist represented various pretty girls faces in fragmented swirls of colors that are scattered across the canvas. The artist is well known for his ink water portraits all over the Italy. These beautiful models have fair and smooth skin with silky lips and the fragments are placed in such a position that we can easily recognize the model by filling out the missing parts mentally.

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“Mists of Pandaria”

I’ve never been a fan of “world of Warcraft”. To be true, I’m really scared to get hooked on it and stop going to work or going to the gym and stuff like that. Sounds funny but for a video game addict like me things like this can really happen. Let’s say I’m trying to be responsible ;). Blizzard team has a reputation for great CG game cinematics and trailers, in this Clip for World of Warcraft’s fourth expansion set “Mists of Pandaria” we find a very common Panda with a very un-usual set of skills and clever humor that will show you a place we all have dreamed of.

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