Cool tools


I’m Always looking forward to optimize my workflow as much as I can, Browsing the web I came across this very  useful website full of free apps that everyone should have. I’m pretty sure you are going to end up trying at least one!… give it a try and Let me know how it goes.

Freelancing trends


Freelancers are known for gathering day in and day out at coffee houses and cafés all around NYC, but as the number of freelancers continues to grow, a few select bars are leading tons of laptop-wielding designers and writers to grab a heavier drink than usual.

50 Motion Graphics Tips


This is a very old article, but I still find it very useful… I hope it comes in handy for you too…

Whenever you’re working on a new motion graphics project, don’t start without reading this expert advice from the best in the business.

The motion graphics industry moves at a fast pace, with new developments in software and techniques all the time. So before you start work on a new project, check out the essential advice from our four experts…