Wacom’s solution for mobile touch screens

Nowadays is very rare to find CG Artists that still use the very classic “mouse”. Instead, stylus and tablets are taking over for many reasons; some say is faster other say is convenient  and I have also heard people say is even healthier (they refer to the Carpal tunnel problem you develop by using a mouse over the years). Wacom has developed products with quite a good reputation, not to mention it is an industry standard and because of these reasons their product line has tu keep up with the daily changing and competitive computer market.

The Bamboo Stylus pocket is a very clever tool developed for those who live on the go! it weights less than 17g and comes in with separate color rings to give it some personality. It’s not only designed to be very portable (there’s a rubber-nibbed tether that fits into your device’s earphone jack), but it is tweaked to work great with Wacom’s app Bamboo Paper.

For only $34.95 you can get this little gadget that will push  your creativity anywhere anytime!


For more details head over to:


Don’t forget to get the Bamboo Paper App for your tablet – It’s free

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